Immoderate Musings;
Quibblesome Quarrels;
Risible Rhapsodies on
Music and Morals

Silly sallies into the
sportive prolixity of
sesquipedalian taradiddles and
daffy dillies of diddling fiddle-faddle
full of philosophical flapdoodle.
David Van Alstyne

Dedicated to my father
Arvo Van Alstyne
in memory of his oft repeated advice to me as a little boy:

"In promulgating your esoteric cogitations,
and articulating your superficial sentimentalities,
sedulously eschew prolixity and circumlocution, and
rigorously minimize rodomontade and thrasonical bombast.
In short: don't use big words."
Verses 1 - 48

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1) Hurling herculean hype and hyperbole in
hysterical hails of exhortation
hewn in humorless hues of hubris and
honed and toned to the inflammation
2) hoarsely harping and hardily carping in a
howling hullabaloo of harsh allegation by
high-minded homilies and haughty huffs and puffs of
irascibly hierophantic expostulation,
3) haranguing hog-wild in perfervid philippics in a
harebrained ballyhoo of histrionic oration (a
most outstandingly inadvisable invitation to the
outing, by inadvertent hypostatization
of the
4) harrowing, unwholesomly hideous hubbub of
sermonic temper tantrums so tellingly tainted by
bouts of convulsive delirium, dyspeptic
and psychosomatic hyperventilation)
can only
5) serve to impede the fatidic advent of a
golden age of Apollonian apperception and the
securely consequential ramification of its
expeditiously preternatural precipitation
6) epiphenomenal societal ascesis and its
provenance of factional restraint and coaptation; a
conceptual meal; a delicious ideal, though as
yet, still a high pie-in-the-sky vaticination
from the
7) hard-bitten, heroically incontrovertible esperance of
irreversible immigration into a happy combination of
utopian sunshine, universal good will,
intrinsic well-being, and ultimate sanctification
8) many, an ancient futurological abstraction, yet
evidentially, a concrete eschatological destination; a
peaceable pandect; a teleology of fate framed in
faith-bolstered grit
and presentimental anticipation)
9) fleetly floundering and foundering yet further into a
forbiddingly befouling fog of festinate failure by
foolhardily forfending any informal figment of forum
featuring the forthrightly fructifying fomentation
10) even the fictively fainthearted feigning of
chary eschewal toward the unnaturalization
, far less the
sightly semblance of sedulous limitation, if
not the actual razing and final eradication,
of the
11) ignoble offices of institutional vice which
spurn sublimation (but spawn facilitation of the
accursedly mercenary normalization) of
all our nefarious forms of naughty stimulation
under its
12) protective aegis of low-life legalisms; an
addlepated ethos of unlimned liberation; a
competent configuration to brace, boost and buttress our
buzzardliness in blindly besotted infatuation
13) all the hot choler and hair-triggered spleen spewing from
fabulistic furnaces of larcenous litigation and
founded on such darned dillies of diddling fiddle-faddle,
philosophical flapdoodle and follies of ideation
as the
14) damnatory, diabolically dismissive despoliation of
guileless glad-handing and free fraternization, a
depreciatory opiate of riskless asepsis in the
indurate idlesse of our collusive invocation
of the
15) indisposing ails of ennui; the undiscountable ills of
neoteric acedia
(a lamentable agglomeration), and the
ectopically pernicious spread and proliferation of
selfward doubt and down-putting denigration
in our
16) amorphously afflictive malaise of abulia; our
accordant quandary of anomic diffidence and the
destructively chafing and abrading afflatus of our
stolid estrangement, that absorptive alienation
17) elicits an array of antinomian gymnastics, an
unfunny façade of gumption unto a fountain of
facile furies: fussy fusillades of withering
disgust and hypocritical horror at the imputation
18) figuratively flitting, fluttering and fumbling in a
flailing kerfuffle of funambulistic flouncing through
more than a few frantically futilitarian fits and flusters of
rending rectitudinal flexure and fluctuation,
and is
19) propense to deign neither to cast aspersions, nor to
pass glances askance or of any other discoloration, nor in
silence to suffer any idiolectally idiotic slams from
certain snippy snipes who sling stigmatization
20) common anomolies of jejune impropriety, or
idiomatics of opprobrious ethical variation, or
electrifying afronteries of moral turpitude at the
very vanguard of actionable legal aberration.

21) Not with the contemporary currents of ochlocracy in
this, our own halcyon heyday of habituation to
heinous heedlessness and wholly heathen decadence
; our
convivially cozy, self-coddling collaboration
22) headless hedonism; our alarming acquiescence in the
exoneration, even to the point of homologation, of
such widely disparate modes of accreditation (an
entire catalogue of distemperate depravation);
23) brassy bravado and unbuttoned braggadocio in what
should be the daunting dint of Dionysian debauchery; our
attitudinized affinities of hasty approbation, if not
unapologetically apoplectic promulgation
24) swimming with the hordes in swamps of sewerly swill with
drunken delight and downright
ditsy delectation in the
routing; the disastrously dizzying devaluation, through
higgledy-piggledy daily deformation, of civilization

25) haplessly hamstrung, more than half- haggard and harried,
horribly hampered, harassed, hassled and hectored into an
unlaughable phylogenetic phase of bleary-eyed haze; an
unseeing, glassy glaze of impending incapacitation,
26) carelessly cruise and carouse, careening ever closer and
closer to a collision with functional cessation until,
clearly unkenningly, we court a collective calamity of
real rue, ruinous rack and relegation
to the
27) proverbial landfill; the dustheap of history; in a
turbid imbroglio of reckless flirtation with
uncurbed carnal caprice
; a dark indication of our
growing gravitation to the threshold of obliteration
ever in
28) sleepy subjection to the natural operation and
ongoing force of
omnidirectional centrifugation, in
apathetic nescience to the increasing acceleration of our
hair-raising plunge into the dumps of decimation;
into a
29) down-home drubbing of unprecedented despair; a
subliminal Hades of drudging dilapidation; a
potentially depilatory dystopian desert of
dilemmatically dysphoric deformity and derogation
into a
30) drought of drear and incurable disrelation; by the
undoing of dulling dolor and disrelishable desiccation, into the
very nidus and presage, the ripsnorting bull's eye, of
distinctly irremeable, contortive exacerbation,
not just the
31) odd petty, namby-pamby epicyclical episode, or a
lean little kink of ephemeral irk and irritation, nor a
cagey charade based on somewhat psychotic denial of
dopey perplexity and inexplicable exasperation,
but the
32) gaping specter of no less than Armageddon; a
real humdinger of apocalyptic bust: a
global Gotterdammerung; a killing katzenjammer of
unmitigated miff mixed with febrile frustration
through our
33) wretched warfares; our whopping wants and whimsies; our
wandering, wishfully wayward and willingly willy-nilly through a
windswept wilderness of
self-whittling witless wonder: an
eerie moonscape of hypnopompic speculation
34) by and by, we all come to incuriously ape a
pyretic pandemonium of little panicking pismires
in a
peculiarly imprudent procession, an incommodiously
peppy parade
; an acephalous peregrination
down a
35) primly pruned primrose path; a prissy promenade: a
well-buttered chute in the impendent transpiration of a
prelusive epitasis
of flabbergastingly short-sighted
spiritual suicide and perky self-desecration
in a
36) variously variegated vastitude of lechery; the
expansive attractions of lascivious incontinence
unhinderedly heading us straight into the absurdly siren,
perilous imminence of ignominious immolation
in the
37) fire-pits of uneducably libidinous callosity (and a
paucity of any pensive equiponderation!); in an
increasingly deafening inducer of infuriation; a
molto crescendo of cacophonic cachinnation;
38) creepy concoction of crapulous crassitude; an
all too perceptibly frequent demonstration of
occult cabalas crammed into steaming cauldrons of
heaving voluptuosity in the constant provocation
to either
39) rifle and raven all the smudging sludge and slime, or to
passively partake of the gaudy agglutination, that
monstrous cornucopia of cyclopean quantification, that
kaleidoscopic Babel of titanic temptation
40) pack a pitiful profit from all the prodigality in those
overactive engines of profluent profligacy
imbrue the knotty nub; the nasty nettlesome nodus of the
glowing inferno of ontological perturbation
in this
41) pandemic bash; this plentifully Babylonian bacchanal of
protean perversity
and irrepressible promiscuity; this
flighty, but flightlessly farcical festival of
fiendishly enfevered infectious inebriation
42) surely the most calculably brummagem chimera, or
contemptible course of constrictive divination
ever cooked up in great big broiling vats and
smugly immured in visionless evaluation,
43) come up and threaten with the menace of correlation with
significant shrinkage by paedomorphic retardation
already assailably arenaceous foundation of
gnosis, life-sense and even cognitive registration

by a
44) ruddy ruse of spin, balmy bon mots of embellishment,
selective report and relativistic rationalization, leaving
many of us dumbstruck in wide-eyed befuddlement by its
bold and benumbingly effusive dissimulation
of the
45) "as ye sow, so shall ye reap" sort of certitude of
wrenching remorse
in the rascally wreaking of wreckage; in the
ineluctable reaping of an unhallowed harvest rightly
redolent of karmic wrath, rebuke and damnation
46) garnered by the gleaning of glop, garbage and guck; a
moldering mass of myriad meretricious chaff; the
toxic bottom scrapings; the dregs, dross and detritus, the
grounding guerdon of expediential miscomputation;
47) smoldering trash; that aromatically moldy mash of
refuse grown from seeds tossed up and scattred in
malodorous whirlwinds; turgid williwaws from the
old playgrounds of pruritically prurient imagination;
48) drafty nether regions of the unschooled mind; that
psychic tumultuary from whence seem to be hatched all
germinal eidolons of dastardly design on
criminal acts of glandular gratification.


Hurling herculean hype and hyperbole - throwing out wild exaggerations like they were wedding cakes in a food fight
hysterical hails of exhortation - where someone urges you to do something, but with so much emotion that you want to run for cover
hewn in humorless hues of hubris - made to sound like it comes from a fat-headed egomaniac with no sense of humor
honed and toned to the inflammation - polished and spiffed up to keep pace with a growing need
(back to verse 1)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
hoarsely harping and hardily carping - going on and on about a subject until everyone wants to scream, and you lose your voice either from over-use or from being strangled
howling hullabaloo of harsh allegation - a storm of mean-spirited accusations
high-minded homilies - lofty lectures on morality (typically given by someone with his nose up in the air)
haughty huffs and puffs - the famously sinister tactic used by Mr. Big Bad Wolf to blow down the houses of two of the Three Little Pigs
irascibly hierophantic expostulation - where you use earnest reason and logic to try and change people's minds, but somehow you come across as a hot tempered, self-appointed know-it-all
(back to verse 2)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
haranguing hog-wild in perfervid philippics - ranting and raving with the emotional energy of someone whose pants are on fire
harebrained ballyhoo of histrionic oration - where your speech is really just a loud, goofy theatrical performance
most outstandingly inadvisable invitation - like opening a can of worms
outing, by inadvertent hypostatization - where you let the truth slip out by accidentally showing us your real agenda (or, where you really are coming from after all)
(back to verse 3)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
harrowing, unwholesomly hideous hubbub - an uproar so ugly that it pillages and plunders our minds
sermonic temper tantrums - where, just to emphasize your point while giving a talk in church, you throw yourself on the floor kicking, pounding and screaming
tellingly tainted - revealing of something slightly amiss (like when you are out to dinner and your baby-sitter calls to ask where your fire extinguisher is)
bouts of convulsive delirium - uncontrolled fits of frenzied excitement
dyspeptic hidrosis - where you are in such a foul mood that you actually break into a sweat
psychosomatic hyperventilation - where your thoughts get you so upset that you breathe hard enough to pass out
(back to verse 4)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
impede the fatidic advent - to interfere with the predicted arrival of something (like, for example, hijacking an airplane)
Apollonian apperception - where your whole view of the world is in keeping with your previous experience, which, oddly enough, happens to be filled with order and harmony
securely consequential ramification - a particular thing that always happens as a result of some other particular thing (like the necessity of eventually landing after you jump off a cliff)
expeditiously preternatural precipitation - quickly going beyond what is natural in causing something to happen (like when you ask someone to please pass the salt and you pull out a gun just to make sure they do it)
(back to verse 5)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
epiphenomenal societal ascesis - where society shows self-discipline (I know it's hard to imagine) as a natural part of whatever larger event caused it in the first place (such as being jolted into behaving ourselves under the threat of complete annihilation (although even that doesn't seem to be working too well)
provenance of factional restraint and coaptation - whatever inspires different groups of people who once were enemies to control themselves and work together for their common good
conceptual meal - an idea you can really sink your teeth into and then take a nice nap after you've thought about it long enough
delicious ideal - an ultimate goal that tastes wonderful to your mind
high pie-in-the-sky vaticination - a somewhat unlikely hope, prediction or prophecy (in other words, a long shot)
(back to verse 6)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
hard-bitten, heroically incontrovertible esperance - where, seasoned and strengthened by difficult experience, your have no doubt your hope will be realized
irreversible immigration - passing the point of no return
intrinsic well-being - where it's your basic nature to feel pretty good
ultimate sanctification - a condition, at the end of the road, of finally being perfect and holy
(back to verse 7)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
futurological abstraction - things you imagine about the future (anything from what to have for dinner to how soon the sun will explode from old age)
evidentially - serving as evidence
concrete eschatological destination - the very real place we can expect to be as the final events unfold in the history of the world, or of humankind (or to be more politically correct, hupersonkind)
peaceable pandect - a written article promoting peace, covering an entire subject, the whole kit and caboodle, the whole ball of wax, all there is to know (supposedly)
teleology of fate framed in faith-bolstered grit - the study of evidences that there is actual design, as opposed to chaos, in nature (or, if you like, as I do, the discovery of God's hand in creation), in this case colored by the attitude that we must pray as if everything depends on God and then work as if everything depends on us
presentimental anticipation - where you are quite sure that a particular thing will happen
(back to verse 8)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
fleetly floundering - swift and nimble in the art of loosing your footing
foundering - falling apart
forbiddingly befouling fog of festinate failure - the bewilderment that rises up like a poisonous cloud from the sudden wreckage of your hasty mistakes (like when you discover you've brushed your teeth with acrylic paint instead of toothpaste)
foolhardily forfending any informal figment of forum - rashly putting off even the passing imagination of any possible way to discuss an idea (how a 16-year-old would describe his parents' unreasonable reaction to his request to borrow the family car for a little road trip with his friends, from California to New York and back)
forthrightly fructifying fomentation - where you get something going for quick results
(back to verse 9)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
even the fictively fainthearted feigning of chary eschewal toward the unnaturalization - where you pretend, but not very well, to make a point of refusing to be caught dead in, with, or doing, a particular thing (the attitude of most people toward sky-diving without a parachute, or going to a "come-as-you-are" party straight from the shower) to the point that it will be generally seen as downright unnatural (the thing, not you)
sightly semblance - where a thing looks like something else, only better
sedulous limitation - where, with persistent effort, you keep a lid on something
razing and final eradication - demolishing something and then pulling it up by the roots once and for all (what some bosses, false educators and conniving colleagues have a way of doing to your self-image and confidence)
(back to verse 10)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
ignoble offices of institutional vice - those practices in public entertainment and government which make moral depravity an established part of our culture
spurn sublimation - to reject with contempt any suggestion that you try channeling your socially scandalous impulses into more acceptable forms of expression
spawn facilitation - to make it easier
accursedly mercenary - serving merely for pay or sordid self-advantage (as opposed to the rest of us who work purely for the joy of it) (huh?)
nefarious - not fit for polite company
(back to verse 11)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
protective aegis of low-life legalisms - where sleezy judges, lawyers and other criminals find loopholes in the law to keep themselves, and others, out of jail
addlepated ethos of unlimned liberation - a thoroughly confused and twisted idea of reality which justifies your doing anything you want
competent configuration - a suitable arrangement (of the facts, in your mind)
brace, boost and buttress - to support, strengthen and hold you up
buzzardliness - thriving on the misfortunes of others, or being similar to a buzzard (in character and behavior, though not necessarily in looks)
blindly besotted infatuation - where you are in awe of something to the point that you've lost your mind and your ability to see clearly
(back to verse 12)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
choler - the ready disposition to be irritated (itching for a bruising)
spleen - feelings of anger or ill will often suppressed (which come before a murderous rampage or other social faux pas)
fabulistic - made up by someone you could charitably say is not telling the truth
larcenous litigation - law suits that amount to thievery
dillies of diddling fiddle-faddle - real humdingers of time-wasting nonsense
philosophical flapdoodle - utter nonsense supposedly based on logic, aesthetics, ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology (in other words, eloquent defense of the indefensible)
follies of ideation - dumb ideas
(back to verse 13)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
damnatory, diabolically dismissive despoliation - where you cause big problems, but refuse to see what you are doing
guileless glad-handing and free fraternization - shaking hands and being friendly to all, where you actually mean it and have no ulterior motive
depreciatory opiate of riskless asepsis - where playing it safe emotionally makes you feel pretty good for now, but you end up hating yourself later
indurate idlesse - where you've been hardened into state of habitual idleness
collusive invocation - the bringing about of some illegal or deceitful purpose by secret agreement or cooperation (like what happens in drug and prostitution rings, the Mafia, Congress, the judicial system, etc.)
(back to verse 14)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
indisposing ails of ennui - what you have when you are so bored it makes you sick
undiscountable ills of neoteric acedia - when there is no denying that you are bored silly in ways that people never could be in the old days because they never had time
lamentable agglomeration - a pretty pathetic pile of stuff
ectopically pernicious spread and proliferation - unusually destructive growth or increase in number
selfward doubt and down-putting denigration - an acute lack of self-confidence (what a sky-diver goes through when he jumps and suddenly realizes he forgot his parachute)
(back to verse 15)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
amorphously afflictive malaise of abulia - where you can't tell what's wrong, except that so much of your "get up and go" has gotten up and gone that you can't make up your mind about anything
accordant quandary of anomic diffidence - where we are all confused together, stumbling around aimlessly without any purpose (like a ballet company before they know the choroegraphy)
chafing and abrading - a process by which the little things wear you down and eventually tear holes in you (like having sand in your socks)
afflatus - inspiration
stolid estrangement - where you have seperated yourself from something, and couldn't care less
absorptive alienation - where feelings of separation take over your mind and suck the life out of you
(back to verse 16)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
elicits an array of antinomian gymnastics - calls forth all kinds of twisted arguments against what is right
unfunny facade of gumption - where you pretend you have the nerve to do something, but you don't, and the pretense is nothing to laugh about
facile furies - rages you get into much too easily
fussy fusillades - outbursts of criticism that at least show great concern for the nicities (remember: when you're crushing someone, you can still do it politely)
imputation - accusation
(back to verse 17)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
figuratively flitting, fluttering and fumbling - as if moving abruptly from one thing to another, agitated, aimless and awkward (the way many ballet dancers would describe their performance on stage, no matter how well they did)
flailing kerfuffle - a disturbance characterized by one's limbs swinging out of control (not unlike some orchestra conductors)
funambulistic flouncing - trying to find your footing as if you are walking a tightrope during an earthquake
frantically futilitarian fits and flusters - where, in the frustrating belief that there is no point in even trying, you work yourself into various states of agitated confusion
rending rectitudinal flexure and fluctuation - where you follow only the rules that suit your purposes, but it tears you up inside
(back to verse 18)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
propense to deign - being inclined to lower yourself (to offer something)
casting of aspersions - to say bad things about someone
glances askance - quick looks of disapproval
discoloration - the negative light you shed on something just to make it look worse than it is
idiolectally idiotic - showing a thoughtless lack of common sense in the way you talk by using certain inapropriate speech patterns (such as using Ebonics or street slang when having audience with the Pope or the Queen)
snippy snipes - short-tempered and rude people trying to act like big shots
sling stigmatization - to throw out comments that put something or someone under shame or discredit
(back to verse 19)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
anomolies of jejune impropriety - something strange which can only be described as childishly improper
idiomatics of opprobrious ethical variation - really disgusting immoral behaviors that could only belong to one particular group or person because no one else would do them
electrifying afronteries - offenses or insults that suddenly excite you as if you had just stuck your finger into a light bulb socket
moral turpitude - being subject, rather than to higher qualities of mind and spirit, to corrupt and disgusting things (in other words, being morally terp)
vanguard of actionable legal aberration - the very newest, most up-to-date methods of breaking the law and gaining new friendships with lawyers, judges and prison guards
(back to verse 20)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
ochlocracy - mob rule (another word for democracy)
halcyon heyday of habituation to heinous heedlessness and wholly heathen decadence - that happy golden time in our lives when we completely ignore things we don't like, such as human decency; when we are still able to outrun our consciences in the "blissful" enjoyment of depraved self-indulgence
convivially cozy, self-coddling collaboration - where, with a fondness for the comforts of life, which we can't fully enjoy while we're being inconvenienced by having to fight for a good cause, we solve the problem by cooperating with the enemy
(back to verse 21)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
headless hedonism - the doctrine that personal pleasure, without thought, is the highest good in life
acquiescence - when we allow something to happen by doing nothing to stop it
exoneration - what you get when they finally figure out that you didn't do it after all
homologation - official confirmation of whatever they decide needs to be true at the moment
widely disparate modes of accreditation - a complete lack of unity in the standards by which to make judgments
distemperate depravation - where you do things that are disgusting, depraved, morally corrupt and fattening, but you aren't having any fun because or your bad mood
(back to verse 22)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
brassy bravado - when you do something stupid just to show how brave you are (like trying to juggle three cats, or disagreeing with your mother-in-law)
unbuttoned braggadocio - what a loud-mouth engages in just before pride makes his head explode
daunting dint of Dionysian debauchery - the power to be found in an orgiastic frenzy of sensual indulgence (enough immorality to make your legs wobble)
attitudinized affinities of hasty approbation, if not unapologetically apoplectic promulgation - where, like crazed sheep, everybody quickly decides it's fashionable to approve of, if not give themselves a stroke from wildly cheering, one thing or another
(back to verse 23)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
hordes - huge crowds
swamps of sewerly swill - messy situations filled with things that suggest the slop or garbage that you would find in a sewer (like office politics, for example)
ditsy delectation - goofy enjoyment
routing - beating somebody quite thoroughly in a contest
disastrously dizzying devaluation, through higgledy-piggledy daily deformation, of civilization - a gravely bewildering decline in life as we know it, where everything seems to keep changing for the worse
(back to verse 24)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
haplessly hamstrung - having the bad luck to be rendered powerless (how you feel every time the boss says, in effect, "All who agree with me, say 'yes,' and all who disagree with me say, 'I resign.'")
haggard - looking like a wreck
harried - beset by problems
hampered - feeling restricted from doing what you want (how some people feel when forced to behave themselves)
harassed, hassled and hectored - how you feel when someone is driving you crazy
phylogenetic phase - a normal stage in the development of something (like society, for example, when people at work start bringing guns)
impending incapacitation - when you are about to be disabled (like when you stand up on a roller-coaster)
(back to verse 25)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
carelessly cruise and carouse - where you go on the lookout for degrading ways to have fun, with complete disregard for life and limb
careening - lurching and swaying from side to side as you go
functional cessation - where you have finally become good for nothing
unkenningly, we court a collective calamity - where, without knowing it, we act as if we actually want to bring disaster upon ourselves (what voters often do on election day)
rue - regret and sorrow (what voters are often made to feel soon after election day)
rack - a cause of anguish or pain (what elected officials often give to voters, hoping it's long enough before the next election that the voters will forget)
relegation - being assigned to a place of insignificance or oblivion (how parents suddenly feel when their children become teenagers)
(back to verse 26)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
proverbial landfill; the dustheap of history - that imaginary garbage dump filled with once-important things and events of the past
turbid imbroglio of reckless flirtation with uncurbed carnal caprice - very messy complications involving your decision to experiment freely with the unpredictable temptations of crude bodily pleasures and appetites
dark indication of our growing gravitation to the threshold of obliteration - a not very rosy sign that we are being increasingly attracted to the very edge of utter destruction
(back to verse 27)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
omnidirectional centrifugation - being thrust away from the center and spreading out in all directions (as if you are on a merry-go-round going much too fast)
apathetic nescience - when you don't mind being unaware of something
dumps of decimation - where you feel like you've lost everything
(back to verse 28)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
down-home drubbing of unprecedented despair - a simple, straightforward beating over the head with more hopelessness than you've ever known
subliminal Hades of drudging dilapidation - where you don't realize it, but you are in a private hell of monotonous decay and increasing ruin
potentially depilatory dystopian desert of dilemmatically dysphoric deformity and derogation - a desolate and forbidding place that fills you with such fear that you quickly go bald; a place in the mind where you keep hearing the question, "How did I get into this mess?" and where you feel especially sick about being morally defective, aesthetically flawed and just generally inadequate (the way performers often feel when they perform)
(back to verse 29)
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
drought of drear and incurable disrelation - a prolonged shortage of good things, plus a hopeless lack of friends (sort of like being stranded alone on the moon)
undoing of dulling dolor and disrelishable desiccation - like the unhappy combination of clinical depression and a bad hangover
nidus - a place where something originates, develops, or is located
presage - something that indicates a future situation (like for instance if you start letting your dog drive the car, sure your future won't look so bad when the police officer pulls you over, because at least you have the dog on a leash)
distinctly irremeable, contortive exacerbation - where you only make things worse by twisting them so far out of shape that you'll never get them straight again
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namby-pamby epicyclical episode - a smaller process going on within a larger one (such as getting your necktie caught in the paper shredder when you are preparing for a visit from the grand jury)
lean little kink of ephemeral irk and irritation - a small incident that causes an insignificant, merely passing desire to kill someone
cagey charade based on somewhat psychotic denial - where you resort to playing crafty mind-gagames because, being as nutty as a fruitcake, you cannot admit what is really happening
dopey perplexity - where you are too slow of mind to be anything but totally clueless
inexplicable exasperation - when you are irritated, but you don't know why
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gaping specter - what feels like the open jaws of some horrible image (like when your boss opens his mouth to say something)
Armageddon - a big fight resembling the final great battle between Good (us) and Evil (them)
real humdinger of apocalyptic bust - a good example of total collapse on a scale that foreshadows final doom (like when the copy machine breaks down)
global Gotterdammerung - where the whole world falls apart in catastrophic violence and disorder (not unlike a day at the office, only bigger)
killing katzenjammer - a state of life-threatening danger or desperate need (what your dog tries to make you think he's feeling while he watches you eat)
unmitigated miff mixed with febrile frustration - an all out, super-deluxe fit of ill humor and feverish dissatisfaction (how you hope your surgeon does not react to the results of his work on your face-lift)
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self-whittling witless wonder - astonishment at something so awesomely mysterious that it tears away little pieces of what you thought was your mind until you haven't a clue what is happening (how you hope not to respond after first seeing the results of your face-lift, even if your surgeon happens to be screaming and jumping out the window)
hypnopompic speculation - the kind of semi-conscious, aimless thinking you do just before you fully wake up
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incuriously ape a pyretic pandemonium of little panicking pismires - when, without even wondering why, we act like very angry little ants whipped into a wild and feverish frenzy (what happens on the freeway at rush-hour)
peculiarly imprudent procession - moving forward when it's especially stupid to do so
incommodiously peppy parade - a big showy procession which would be a lot easier for us if everyone wasn't so full of energy and high spirits
acephalous peregrination - where a mob goes on the move, but it has no leader
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primly pruned primrose path - the road of least resistance, very neatly trimmed of all that is bothersome (such as common sense)
prissy promenade - a well cared for walkway
well-buttered chute in the impendent transpiration of a prelusive epitasis - like a steep, grease-covered slide, which gives a useful image regarding the speedy approach of the part of a play (or of life) where we find the main action leading to a catastrophe, which is only the beginning of something larger (like, for instance, the months leading up to a presidential election)
perky self-desecration - where, with obnoxious self-assurance, you make a mockery of yourself
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variously variegated vastitude of lechery - a wide variety of lewd, lustful activities
expansive attractions of lascivious incontinence - where, driven by raw lust you can't keep your hands to yourself, and you think the ways to get into trouble are looking better all the time
unhinderedly - without opposition
absurdly siren - enticing, even though it makes no sense
perilous imminence of ignominious immolation - where we are dangerously near the brink of the kind of self-destruction for which we ought to be ashamed of ourselves (wanting to throw ourselves onto the blazing funeral pyre of our earthly desires)
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uneducably libidinous callosity - where we are hopelessly hardened in our lustful desires, having put our consciences beyond feeling
paucity of any pensive equiponderation - where you hardly ever do the kind of day dreaming or meditating that would help you keep your head on straight
inducer of infuriation - that which makes us furious
molto crescendo of cacophonic cachinnation - a big increase of loud ugly laughing (what you might hear from behind the closed doors of the Public Works Commission as they decide which city streets to dig up next)
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Merriam-Webster Dictionary
creepy concoction of crapulous crassitude - a disturbing assemblage of things that are disgustingly gross (like fruitcake, or pornography)
occult cabalas - secret matters, strange doctrines or mysterious arts (like the science of interpreting the U.S. Tax Code)
heaving voluptuosity - thoughts of sensual gratification which, like pulsating throbbings of imagined carnal ecstasy, threaten to make your brain explode
constant provocation - relentless temptation
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Merriam-Webster Dictionary
rifle and raven - where you ransack and then greedily feed upon something
smudging sludge and slime - mucky yucky gucky stuff
passively partake of the gaudy agglutination - to take in, simply by being there and doing nothing to stop it, all kinds of tastelessly dazzling, extravagantly stupid offerings (as in watching an evening of network TV)
monstrous cornucopia of cyclopean quantification - an endless abundance of things that are over-blown and extreme, however you mesure them
kaleidoscopic Babel of titanic temptation - a confusing succession of ever-changing scenes that make you want to go out and do naughty things (like many movies, much television, and certain office memos from your boss)
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pack a pitiful profit from all the prodigality in those overactive engines of profluent profligacy - where you ought to be ashamed of yourself for taking other people's money, even if they do want to waste it in wild immorality and free-flowing self-indulgence
imbrue the knotty nub; the nasty nettlesome nodus - to leave your corrupting mark on the most irritatingly difficult, impossibly complicated part of a problem
glowing inferno of ontological perturbation - the red hot furnace of our overturned cosmic apple cart
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Merriam-Webster Dictionary
pandemic bash - a big party occurring everywhere at the same time
plentifully Babylonian bacchanal of protean perversity - a wild orgy of bad behavior
irrepressible promiscuity - where you don't care how, when, where, why, or with whom you misbehave, just as long as you can keep doing it
flighty, but flightlessly farcical festival - a goofy program of laughable stupidity which accomplishes nothing and gets us nowhere
fiendishly enfevered infectious inebriation - where you think you're having fun, but of course you aren't really because you've only worked yourself into a frenzy, and now you're working others into a frenzy as well, so that soon everyone will be in a frenzy
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Merriam-Webster Dictionary
calculably brummagem chimera - what you can count on to be a brightly attractive but stupid idea
contemptible course of constrictive divination - an awful path of supposed wisdom which, instead of helping, only holds you back (why it's so important not to let formal schooling get in the way of your education)
smugly immured in visionless evaluation - where, in trying to assess the worth of things, you're perfectly happy to be closed up within the walls of your own bad judgment
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menace of correlation with significant shrinkage by paedomorphic retardation - the danger of finding yourself shrinking smaller (for instance, in your mental capacity) by means of holding on to infantile characteristics (in other words, growing down instead of growing up)
assailably arenaceous foundation of gnosis, life-sense and even cognitive registration - where the basis for your spiritual understanding of life, and even the way you processes information from your outward senses, is built upon nothing firmer than sand
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Merriam-Webster Dictionary
ruddy ruse - a pretty darned clever trick
spin - a clever way of putting either a good or a bad light on things, to suit your purpose
balmy bon mots of embellishment - the foolish but witty things you throw in just to try and make more believeable the things you are saying with your bare face hanging out
selective report - the things you choose to say or to leave out (what both sides of the political agenda-driven national news media engage in, thus depriving us of one of the essentials (honest information) of a free society
relativistic rationalization - when you think that truth depends on whatever is useful in trying to make excuses for yourself
benumbingly effusive dissimulation - when you come on so strongly with your lies that you actually make people numb to the itchiness of the wool you've pulled over their eyes
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Merriam-Webster Dictionary
certitude of wrenching remorse - when you can count on being plenty sorry
rascally wreaking of wreckage - when, in your usual mean and rotten way, you cause as much ruin as if you were on a violent rampage
ineluctable reaping of an unhallowed harvest - where, for doing deeds you should be ashamed of, you are certain to have earned a big award which will lead you to do even more things you should be ashamed of (like, for example, winning an Oscar on Academy Awards night)
redolent of karmic wrath, rebuke and damnation - a smelly reminder that what goes around comes around
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Merriam-Webster Dictionary
garnered by the gleaning of glop, garbage and guck - collected from memories of all the disgusting experiences in your life
moldering mass of myriad meretricious chaff - a big pile of rot (mental, that is) with all its innumerable aspects of stupidity (which were first presented to us as intelligence)
dregs, dross and detritus - junk
grounding guerdon - a supposed reward that hangs like a millstone around your neck (like fame feels to many who once wanted it and then got it)
expediential miscomputation - where you goof because the needs of the moment cloud your judgment
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Merriam-Webster Dictionary
smoldering trash - the reason you should pour water on the fire after you burn your garbage
aromatically moldy mash - crushed ingredients mixed in hot water (all metaphorical, of course, yet reminiscent of a stew made from vinegar-marinated pig livers in a base of irradiated camel dung steeped in fermented eggplant juice)
malodorous - stinky
turgid williwaws - uproars of flowery and pompous language
pruritically prurient - where your interest in something is not only immoral, but so strong that it makes you itch
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nether regions - lower, less evolved areas (of the mind) (entire brains for some people)
psychic tumultuary - a place in the mind ruled by riot, lawless confusion and impetuosity (where lots of people, like violent criminals, government officials and some orchestra conductors do all their thinking)
germinal eidolons of dastardly design - the very beginnings of cowardly intent toward the acting out of underhanded treachery (what most of your bosses at work thought about when they were babies)
criminal acts of glandular gratification - horrible things you do to make your body feel good for a while
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