A Father's Day Sentiment
About My Dad

by David Van Alstyne
A few words among other quotes
from various Utah artists
about their fathers for a Father’s Day piece
in the Deseret News, June 20, 2010

My dad, Arvo Van Alstyne, was a devoted law professor, Vice-President/Executive Assistant to President David Gardner at the University of Utah, and the third Utah State Commissioner of Higher Education.

I honor him less for his standing in the world than for the man he was.

He supported everything I wanted to do – except go to sleep to the sound of rock and roll music as a young boy. He insisted I listen to good classical music. He brought a great many fine recordings into the house, and I increasingly immersed myself in them.

Those countless hours of concentrated listening have remained the foundation of my musical life to this day.

My father lost his own father at the age of 11, and he tried especially hard to be a good father to his own six children. For all his many efforts, it was the way he loved our mother, and his way of loving and caring for us, that mattered the most.

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