MO Lexicon
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Many people of the "gentile" persuasion in the Salt Lake City area have taken to calling members of the church "Mo's." Well, the truth is that being called a Mo isn't so bad. While it's not exactly a term of endearment, Mo beats some of the other things we've been called. But to ease the tension between "Mo's" and "Gentiles," and to help us be comfortable with our Mo-ness here is a brief
Mo Lexicon.

MO - Mormon
NO MO - Non-Mormon
MO NO MO - Apostate
MO PEDS - People walking across the street to Temple Square
MO HAIR - Missionary standards haircut
PO MO - A financially challenged Mormon
MO LASSES - Mormon young women
MO TEL - Bishop's interview, tithing settlement, etc.
SU MO - Grad of BYU Law School
MO GUL - Large white Utah bird
MO RALLY - Third quarter BYU drive against the U of U.
MO SEY - LDS sense of time.
MO NOGOMY - LDS marriage practices.
MO TIF - Two or more Mormons arguing
MO LDIE - Older LDS member
MO MO Mormon from Missouri

At one time, Mo-mania struck a college Institute's student e-mail list, and there were brief exchanges of what were called "Mo ses." Here are a few of those creations:

MO SIAH - Italian member's expression of dismay
MO DEL - Where the Mormon farmer hangs out
MO DERN - A western LDS cuss word - softer than "fetch"
MO DIFY - To be in open rebellion
MO DULATE - How outsiders refer to "Mormon Standard Time"
MO HAWK - Political faction opposed to the MO DOVES
MO CCASIN: Drinking coffee
MO NARCH: A Mormon DEA Agent
MO NOPHOBIA: Why Mormons have so many kids
MO NOTONY: Some ward choirs
MO REOVER: One's pet dog.
MO DULE - Since killing isn't allowed, it usually amounts to scripture chase
MO LAR: One who doesn't do his home teaching, but says he does
MO TION - What LDS do to coffee, tea, tobacco and alcoholic drinks
MO BILE - More healthy than other bile because of low alcohol consumption and the positive affect this affords the liver
MO HICAN - A strong supposition that a particular male LDS is able to do the task in question
NO MO MO - What Governer Boggs tried to achieve
NO MO MO MO - What Governer Boggs tried to achieve, and the state in which he tried to achieve it

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