Childrens' Books
That Didn't Make It

"You Are Different and That's Bad"

"The Boy Who Died From Eating All His Vegetables"

"Dad's New Wife Robert"

"The Children's Guide to Hitchhiking"

"Kathy Was So Naughty Her Mom Stopped Loving Her"

"Curious George and the High-Voltage Fence"

"How to Avoid Being Put Up for Adoption"

"Grandpa Gets a Casket"

"The Little Sissy Who Snitched"

"Some Kittens Can Fly"

"Daddy Drinks Because You Cry"

"Start a Real-Estate Empire
With Change From Your Mommy's Purse"

"The Care Bears Maul Some Campers and Are Shot Dead"

"How to Become the Dominant Military Power
in Your Elementary School"

"Controlling the Playground: Respect Through Fear"

"Barney: The Prison Years"

"The Magic World Inside the Abandoned Refrigerator"

"The Boy Who Caused His Parents' Divorce"

"Garfield Gets Feline Leukemia"

"Strangers Have the Best Candy"

"Whining, Kicking and Crying to Get Your Way"

"You Were an Accident"

"Things Rich Kids Have, But You Never Will"

"Your Nightmares Are Real"

"Where Would You Like to Be Buried?"

[author and source unknown]

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