How David B. Haight Was Called
to the Twelve

by Elder David B. Haight

I often think of the time President Spencer W. Kimball, a few years ago, called me to the temple. I was busy as an Assistant to the Twelve at that time, and he telephoned me to meet him on the fourth floor of the temple.

He said, "David, can you come right now?" And I said, "Yes, President." And he said, "Right now." And as I walked to the temple, my heart was beating fast, not knowing, of course, what President Kimball was calling me there for.

But he took me into a room that I hadn't been in before, and there President Kimball interviewed me regarding my worthiness. And, of course, I was amazed because of his speaking to me that way, because I didn't have any idea why I was there.

And then he motioned for us to stand, and as I was standing with that wonderful man and he's holding my hands, he said to me, "With all the love that I possess, I'm calling you to fill the vacancy in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles." And when he said that, I thought I would collapse with the shock, the astonishment that came into my mind!

And so, as I had sleepless nights after that call, I mulled that in my mind and I have thought of it time and time again. He did not say, "As the President of the Church" or "As the prophet" or "By my authority." He said, in that humble, humble way of his, "With all the love that I possess." He was teaching me that love is essential - the love that the Savior hopes that we will acquire - that we must show, that we must demonstrate, we must feel in our hearts and souls in order to teach the gospel properly.

[source unknown]
(edited by David Van Alstyne)
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