Heber J. Grant
Meets Brigham Young

by Richard Neitzel Holzapfel
and William W. Slaughter
from, "Heber J. Grant,"
Prophets of the Latter Days
(Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 2003)

It was a winter's day in 1863 when six-year-old Heber decided to catch a free ride home on a passing sleigh.

"I ran out and took hold of the back of the sleigh, intending to ride just a block," he later recalled. To his surprise, however, the horses drawing the sleigh increased their speed, forcing Heber to hold on for dear life. "I dared not let go," he remembered.

The sleigh continued flying beyond the city into the countryside before finally slowing down enough that Heber could make an attempt to escape undetected. As he did, he heard the sleigh's owner yell, "Stop, Brother Isaac, stop!"

Instead of being angry upon finding a stowaway, the man said to his driver, "The little boy is nearly frozen. Put him under the buffalo robe and get him warm."

Heber sat right next to the kind gentleman and was just settling in when the man asked, "What's your name?"

Heber replied, "Heber Jeddy Grant."

The old man was delighted and began to tell the young boy stories about his parents. Heber began to feel a warm glow inside, especially as the conversation turned to Heber's father, Jedediah M. Grant - a father he had never known, as Jedediah died just days after his son's birth in 1856.

When Heber was finally delivered safely to his home in Salt Lake City, the sleigh's owner asked him to inform his mother that she should send young Heber to his office for a visit in the near future.

At the appropriate time, Heber did as requested and went to the man's office on South Temple. When he arrived, he informed the clerk in the office that he had been requested to visit. Heber fondly recalled some fifty-four years later, "From that time . . . until the day of his death I was intimately acquainted with President Young."

(edited by David Van Alstyne)
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