Joseph Smith Teaches Patience
to Brigham Young

by W. Jeffrey Marsh
from "Generosity in Forgiving Others,"
in Lessons from the Life and Teachings
of the Prophet Joseph Smith

During his post-mortal ministry, the Prophet Joseph Smith taught Brigham Young about the need to be patient with the Saints and bear with their imperfections.

Shortly after they had settled in the Salt Lake Valley, President Young became concerned about those few Saints who desired to leave the Salt Lake Valley for the gold fields of California.

He wrestled with his feelings until he had a particular dream in which the Prophet Joseph Smith appeared to him, herding
"a flock of sheep of all kinds, sizes, colors, and descriptions, from the largest, finest sheep I ever saw, down to the ugly decrepit dwarf.

"I looked on the strange flock and asked Joseph what in the world he was going to do with such a flock of sheep.

"He looked up and smiled, as he did when he was living, and as though he was in reality with me, and said, 'They are all good in their place'."
Joseph's counsel helped President Young learn to better appreciate the contributions of every individual, whether great or small.

(edited by David Van Alstyne)
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