From the
American College of Perpetual Politics,
Department of Logical Deception

Light comes from the sun.
Feathers are light.
feathers come from the sun.

Nothing is heavier than lead.
Rubber balloons are heavier than nothing.
rubber balloons are heavier than lead.

Nothing is better than eternal happiness.
A cheese sandwich is better than nothing.
a cheese sandwich must be better than eternal happiness.

"All Cretans are liars,"
claimed the Cretan Epimenides some time around 500 B.C.
Can it be true that all statements by Cretans are lies?
Well, given that Epimenides was a Cretan,
if his statement is true -
then clearly,
it must be false.

Why study?

The more we know, the more we forget.
The more we forget, the less we know.
Whereas -
The less we know, the less we forget.
The less we forget, the more we know.
So why study?

[author and source unknown]

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