The Paradox of Our Time

The paradox of our time in history is that:

We have more to spend - but have less;

We buy more gadgets - but enjoy them less;

We have more leisure - but less fun;

We have more conveniences - but less time for each other;

We have more labor saving devices - but work longer hours;

We've added years to our life - but not life to our years;

We've conquered outer space - but not inner space;

We have more food - but less nutrition;

We've become long on quantity - but short on quality;

We make steep profits - and shallow relationships;

We have more comfortable cars - but more road rage;

We have bigger houses - but smaller families;

We have fancier houses - but broken homes;

We have more access to information - but narrower viewpoints;

We have more academic degrees - but less common sense;

We've split the atom - but not our prejudice;

We have more experts - but more problems;

We have better medicine - but less wellness;

We learn how to make a living - but not a life;

[author and source unknown]

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