The Musical Situation
by David Van Alstyne, 1972

In resignation
to the tribulation
and suppressed indignation
at dehumanization
from creative mechanization
and artistic regimentation -
its infiltration,
its self-perpetuation
and its sensual deprivation;

and on personal observation
of audience frustration
in seeking sublimation
for feeling any sensation
by means of low aspiration
to a feigned appreciation
and stuffy sophistication,

my fearful anticipation
of mindless continuation
without aesthetic evaluation
demands consideration:

the performer's salvation,
our moral obligation,
our life's orientation
and our soul's preservation,
is to animate our cerebration
with emotional inspiration
for a unique manifestation
of musical revelation:

reasoned emancipation
from stiff regulation
by joyful affirmation
of private inclination
gives a public presentation
of sonorous elevation
where the composer's notation
is mere indication
for new integration
of literal imitation
and spontaneous co-creation.

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