To Save Music
by David Van Alstyne, 1982

In resignation
to the tribulation
of personal negation,
and in indignation
at dehumanization
from the infiltration
of creative mechanization
and academic sterilization,
and perpetuation
by crass commercialization
of formulaic regimentation
and public robotization,

and on observation
in any conurbation,
of the escalation
of audience palpebration
and lassitudenous nutation,
adventitious illustration
of their furtive frustration
in seeking sublimation
for any sensation
by pedestrian aspiration
to non-appreciation
and pseudo-sophistication,
(very ovine malversation
and insidious decrimentation
of ratiocination)

my fearful anticipation
of mindless continuation
without evaluation,
(other than aeonian oration,
specious vaticination
and apocryphal adumbration)
demands consideration:
complete evagination,
avoiding lubricious libration
or divagation, equivication, or tergiversation,
that would bring transmogrification
to the whole obfuscation.

Hepatic descantation
reflecting amphigoric cogitation
should be the incunabulaion
of self-defenestration
by any malicious reification
of papilionaceous stultification.

Salvific attenuation,
my sesquipedalian declaration
of pellucid confutation,
in solemn obligation
to the ultimate preservation
of theodic orientation
is a deep adjuration,
not harsh objurgation,
nor censorious commination,
condemnation, denunciation,
or reproachful excoriation,
but a dithyrambic obsecration
that we imbue cerebration
with glowing animation
by finding inspiration
for pristine manifestation
of free rumination
and supernal revelation:

We make affirmation
of aeolian emancipation
from gothic regulation.
We make saturnalian extirpation
of blind imitation
by vertiginous presentation
of numinous elevation.
We make spontaneous creation
into a bold retaliation of
joyful celebration.

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