Extremist Positions

I reject the basic approach of those who take extremist positions, the view that the problems of society can be simplified into questions of villains and heroes. This to me is a perversion of reality.

Those who see things in such absolute and simplistic terms are totally unrealistic. They are looking for scapegoats on one hand and panaceas on the other.

The problems of real life are gray, not black and white. They are a little bit more of this and little bit less of that. They are matters of judgment and degree, the kinds of things that are difficult to understand and don't lend themselves to easy solutions. They are the kind of things where you struggle and work to seek a solution and never quite reach it.

For this reason I reject extreme positions on all sides. The right wing extremist and the left wing extremist partake of the same mentality. They are peas in a pod. Both are reactionaries.

- by Arvo Van Alstyne

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