Judging Others
by Their Church Activity

We tend to think of members in categories according to "activity": active, less active, inactive, and so on. These categories are defined according to observable action, notably attendance at Church meetings. They take little or no account of the things of the heart.

A person may love God with all his or her heart, might, mind, and strength, and still be in a circumstance in which it is impossible or extremely difficult to do the actions that are customarily judged to constitute "activity".

Even where a person is "less active" because of indifference, it is well to remember that the contrast between this member and some apparently active members may be quite different than meets the eye.

Consider the contrast between deficiencies in actions and deficiencies in motives and attitudes. Who is more acceptable to God, a man who is indifferent to God and his fellowmen but attends church to promote his business interests, or a man who loves God and his fellowmen but rarely attends meetings?

- by Elder Dallin H.Oaks
[source unknown]
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