Nurturing Each Other

If we would knowingly and unnecessarily hurt the vulnerable, as long as we ourselves feel safe, then we cannot be given the power to do so in eternity.

If we ever become as Gods, beyond the limits of our present small powers, then we have to have proved beyond any doubt at all that we do not hurt others. If not, we are not even ready for advancement, let alone for the power and increase that are part of the Celestial Kingdom.

We need to be more nurturing of each other. It is not a competition to get into the Celestial Kingdom. There is no end to its size. We know of seven hundred, thousand million stars already, and that is only as far as we can perceive. There is room for everyone.

And if we are thinking in terms of who we can exclude, then we have already tripped ourselves up and fallen.

- by Anne Perry
[source unknown]

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