The Unfair Contradictions of Life

The contradictions of Gethsemane filled the bitter cup. The Savior drank the cup to its dregs and made it possible for us to escape the kind of suffering demanded by the exacting requirements of justice. But there is another reason for us to be filled with gratitude.

We know that even with the benefits of the Atonement fully operating in our lives, mortality still entails some suffering and some contradictions for each of us. Yet, because the Savior endured perfectly his staggering contradictions, we will be recompensed for our own faithful endurance of life's contradictions, injustices, and flat-out unfair circumstances. That is, through the Atonement, all of life's contradictions, all injustices, and all unfair circumstances will be made up to us, all unfair disadvantages will be made right in the eternal scheme of things.

In an ironic twist, because of Christ's atonement, because of his supreme act of mercy which rescues us from the demands of justice, justice ultimately becomes our friend by making up to us for all of the things in life that weren't fair and right. All unfair circumstances and contradictions will be put right - if we remain faithful to the Savior.

- by Andrew Skinner
[source unknown]

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