Signs an Athlete is Using
a Banned Substance

  • Gets "psyched" before each competition by banging his head against a locker, although he's on the chess team.

  • Her javelin was shot down by jet fighters.

  • Killed two spectators and a line judge with his forehand lob at this year's French Open.

  • Although a sprinter, he won both the Indy 500 and the Preakness.

  • Swimmer's refusal to trim beard and wax chest costs her valuable seconds in the 100-meter freestyle.

  • Remainder of high-jump event postponed until he lands.

  • Somehow manages to win the 100-meter butterfly without getting wet.

  • Signs new contract for $6 over 2 million years.

  • Instead of exploding out of the blocks, he just explodes.

  • According to the urine test, he's six-weeks pregnant.

    [author and source unknown]

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